Patient Stories

Bindie Blevins

From VSC Vienna: Meet Bindie Blevins, an adorably tiny 5-year-old Toy Poodle. Last October, her dad brought her to VSC Vienna for a surgical consult with Dr. Justin Ganjei, who determined she had luxating patellas on both her left and right sides. More

Tenley O'Neil

Tenley O'Neil is a 3 year old Pit Bull mix, who tore her right cruciate ligament back in the fall of 2015. At the time, the best option for Tenley and her owner was to use a stifle brace to stabilize her knee. The brace worked for Tenley for nearly two years, until, in January of 2017, she suffered a rupture of the cruciate ligament in her left knee. Ouch! More

Mona Labbe

From VSCR Leesburg: Mona Labbe is a 7 year old Boxer mix who presented to VSCR Leesburg's Dr. Julie Wentzel in February 2017 for a consultation. Mona had been experiencing intermittent forelimb lameness after play for a few months that was progressively getting worse and more consistent. More

An Enduring Bond: Echo's Story

From VSC & VSCR Vienna Matt and Cindy Korn were shocked when their playful puppy Echo was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and needed to have invasive surgery just before her first birthday. More

Moses Waters

From VSCR Leesburg Practitioner Jessie Pulley: Moses Waters is a 3-year-old Rottweiler who presented to VSC at the beginning of December with a history of intermittent lameness in his right front leg that was getting worse. More

Patti Cake

From VSC Winchester Meet Patti Cake, a 7-month-old Mastiff who was adopted from the shelter a short time ago after getting into a fight with another dog and injuring her leg. Her few family brought her in to see VSC Winchester's Dr. More

George Reith

From VSCR Leesburg's Becky Gregory: George Reith is a young Shih Tzu mix with the cutest underbite ever! George was referred to VSC by his primary veterinarian for right forelimb lameness. He saw VSC Leesburg's Dr. Brian Sutherland for his initial consult in late September of 2016. More

Princess Vass

From VSCR Leesburg's Becky Gregory: Princess Vass is a 9-year-old German Shepherd who had a surgical consult with VSC Leesburg's Dr. Brian Sutherland in July of 2016 because she was showing lameness in both rear limbs. She was diagnosed with cruciate ruptures in both stifles. More