George Reith

From VSCR Leesburg's Becky Gregory: George Reith is a young Shih Tzu mix with the cutest underbite ever! George was referred to VSC by his primary veterinarian for right forelimb lameness. He saw VSC Leesburg's Dr. Brian Sutherland for his initial consult in late September of 2016. After X-rays and a CT scan, he was diagnosed with incongruity in his right elbow, causing his radius bone to be longer than it should. He had right elbow arthroscopy and a corrective osteotomy surgery in October and began rehab shortly after with VSCR Leesburg's Dr. Julie Wentzel.

George continued and completed his treatments with VSCR's Ashleigh Fairfield.. His owners chose to work on a home exercise plan, so they came in for appointments every few weeks to be reassessed and to learn new exercises for him. He LOVED working for #LeanTreats and getting belly rubs during his appointments. (As you can see, he's a snuggle bug!)

While in rehab, George was still having some discomfort, and X-rays showed that the pin in his elbow had migrated slightly. After having it removed in December, he returned to rehab and continued to do well. He is graduation took place just days after his first birthday, so there was lots to celebrate!

Congrats, George!