Lunch & Learns

Want your staff to learn more about the latest surgical approaches and rehabilitation? Let us bring lunch and one of our experts to share tips and takeaways for your whole team or a select group.

Below are the most common topics, but we’re open to any request:

Rehabilitation & Pain Management
• Conformation assessment
• Neuromuscular assessment
• Laser therapy
• Proprioception and balance exercises
• Therapeutic massage, stretching and range of motion
• Treadmill/underwater treadmill
• Cold and heat therapy
• Pain management
• Conditioning and weight loss
• Trauma cases

Orthopedic Surgery
• Fracture assessment, coaptation and repair
• Canine stifle disease
• Cruciate assessment and repair options (TTA, TPLO, etc.)
• Medial patella luxation
• Arthroscopy
• Total hip replacement, including micro and nano hip replacement
• Amputation

Soft Tissue Surgery
• Esophagostomy tubes
• Laparoscopy (OHE/OE, prophylactic gastropexy, etc.)
• Thoracoscopy (Pericardial window and biopsies)
• Oncologic surgery
• Severe burn/wound management
• Portosystemic shunts
• Laryngeal paralysis
• Upper airway surgery

Fluoroscopy-Assisted Surgery
• Tracheal stenting
• Urethral or ureteral stenting
• Chemoembolization
• Minimally invasive fracture repair

Other Topics
• Anesthesia protocols and complications
• Bandaging
• Radiographic techniques
• Post-op care, and more!

For more information or to schedule a Lunch & Learn today, call 703-242-6000 and ask for the Marketing Rep or email