Moses Waters

From VSCR Leesburg Practitioner Jessie Pulley: Moses Waters is a 3-year-old Rottweiler who presented to VSC at the beginning of December with a history of intermittent lameness in his right front leg that was getting worse.

Moses had a consultation with VSC Leesburg's Dr. Brian Sutherland and was diagnosed with bilateral elbow dysplasia. Dr. Sutherland performed arthroscopy treatments on both of Moses' elbow joints in December and Moses was referred to rehab at VSCR in January.

Moses saw the VSCR Leesburg rehab team for comfort therapy, class IV laser therapy, and strengthening exercises. He was a little uncomfortable in his elbows and needed to regain his strength. He started with simple strengthening and weight-bearing exercises, such as easy weaving, low cavaletti rails, paws down and reverse walking.

Moses' owner noticed a marked difference in his comfort with the addition of the class IV laser, so he came in twice weekly for laser therapy for the first few weeks as a "loading dose," then was backed down to once weekly, and eventually reduced to laser therapy as needed.

Moses was finally ready to graduate from rehab in March. By this time, he was able to combine the cavaletti and weaving exercises, he could plank on TWO wobble boards simultaneously, and had mastered low jumps.

Moses was a rockstar at rehab and would do anything for Cheerios and oyster crackers (his treat of choice).

Congratulations and good luck, Moses! We will miss you!!