Partnering with Your Veterinarian

The best path to wellness for your pet begins with teamwork. The medical team at Veterinary Surgical Centers works closely with your primary veterinarian to ensure your pet’s care remains consistent – from location to location and through each doctor’s hands.

The process of your pet receiving world-class care at Veterinary Surgical Centers (VSC) begins in a familiar place: at your local clinic with your primary veterinarian. We respect the important relationship that exists between you, your pets, and your veterinarian - that’s the person you look to for advice on vaccines, everyday wellness, and more. If your pet experiences an injury or illness, your veterinarian will decide when your pet may require referral to us for surgery.

The process does not end there. Throughout the course of treatment, VSC doctors work closely with your veterinarian to look at relevant medical history, lifestyle, and more to determine a course of treatment that is tailored to fit your pet’s needs. A close relationship, with open communication, consistent information, and a spirit of collaboration, is vital to the successful care of our patients, your pets.

If you have questions about what makes VSC stand out, read Why Choose VSC? If you’d like to have a consultation with a VSC doctor, we encourage you to talk to your primary veterinarian today about a referral.