Patti Cake

From VSC Winchester Meet Patti Cake, a 7-month-old Mastiff who was adopted from the shelter a short time ago after getting into a fight with another dog and injuring her leg. Her few family brought her in to see VSC Winchester's Dr. Holly Phelps, and, it turns out, the leg had gotten infected and fractured as a result. Because the fracture was located so close to the elbow joint and given the presence of an infection, Dr. Phelps had to use what's called an external fixator in order to stabilize the leg. (You may recognize the device as similar to what is used in human medicine.) Once she fully heals, the fixator will be removed under sedation.

Check out the photos to see Patti's dramatic "before" and "after" X-rays, a close-up of the fixator, as well as her getting some cuddle time with VSC Winchester Tech Rachel.

We're so glad that after a pretty rough patch, Patti is well on her way to healing so she can get back to "regular dog stuff," such as playing with her new family, using puppy dog eyes to get her way, chewing bones, and much, much more!