Princess Vass

From VSCR Leesburg's Becky Gregory: Princess Vass is a 9-year-old German Shepherd who had a surgical consult with VSC Leesburg's Dr. Brian Sutherland in July of 2016 because she was showing lameness in both rear limbs. She was diagnosed with cruciate ruptures in both stifles. In October, she had #TPLO surgery and also had and OCD lesion removed.

This smiley dame started rehab in November with VSCR Leesburg's Dr. Julie Wentzel and Ashleigh Fairfield. Her family opted for a home exercise plan, so every few weeks they came in to mark Princess' progress and receive a new regimen of activities to do. As she continued to work through her program, Princess' walk time increased from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, and family used hill work in her neighborhood to increase the intensity of her walks. Her exercises included sit to stands, paws up/paws down, side stepping, cavalettis, and weaving. She wasn't a major fan of reverse walking, but she took it like a champ anyway!

She graduated from rehab in early January 2017 and we are so proud of all of her hard work.

Congrats, Princess!