Mona Labbe

From VSCR Leesburg: Mona Labbe is a 7 year old Boxer mix who presented to VSCR Leesburg's Dr. Julie Wentzel in February 2017 for a consultation. Mona had been experiencing intermittent forelimb lameness after play for a few months that was progressively getting worse and more consistent. She was diagnosed with a mild tendinopathy in her shoulders, and a weekly rehabilitation program was recommended.

Mona worked with Dr. Wentzel and VSCR Practitioner Jessie Pulley for several weeks. At first, our focus was on improving her comfort level in her neck and shoulders. We used ultrasound and Class IV laser therapy over her shoulders to reduce the pain and inflammation in her tendons, along with massage, joint mobilizations, passive range of motion exercises, and gentle strengthening and weight bearing exercises to improve her comfort and weight bearing.

As Mona progressed and became more comfortable, we were able to increase her strengthening exercises and to allow her to do more at home. Mona learned how to navigate cavalettis and weave around cones. She loved to practice crawling as well!

By the time she graduated in May, she was able to play ball, trot, and take 5 mile walks without getting sore. As you can see, she even was up for "high five" on graduation day.

Congratulations Mona! We are so very proud of you!