Reiki (rā-kē), which literally means “spiritual energy,” is a natural way to help pets and animals of all shapes and sizes feel better. This gentle, hands-on therapy does no harm to your pet and can help promote deep relaxation and restore balance to his/her body.

Created by Master Mikao Usui, Reiki treatment uses Japanese meditative and breathing exercises as a tool for spiritual development. Reiki practitioners use intention, meditation, and focus to build a “bridge” to the “recipient,” or patient.

Benefits for pets:
• Helps maintain physical, mental, and emotional well-being
• Provides relaxation
• Aids in healing after surgery or during illness or discord
• Reduces pain
• Promotes healing after trauma
• Offers additional support during hospice care
• May help with behavioral issues

Reiki is safe and can be combined with conventional veterinary medicine approaches. We currently only offer Reiki at VSC Vienna.