What to Expect from Your Rehab Appointment

We are very happy that you have chosen to explore the options that we can offer at Veterinary Surgical Centers Rehabilitation. Here are just a few notes to help you - and your pet - better prepare for your first visit:

We try our very best to maintain an on-time appointment schedule. On occasion, there may be a short wait. (Thankfully, our waiting areas are cozy!) If you have a nervous pet or one that is sensitive to noise or other animals, please let us know in advance and we will work to manage the situation as best as we can.

If you are new to VSC/VSCR, one of our certified rehabilitation doctors will gather a thorough history on your pet and perform an exam during your first appointment with us. If your pet is recovering from surgery with a VSC Surgeon, who is still managing his/her care, your exam may be be performed by one of our certified rehabilitation practitioners.

We strive to maintain a fear-free environment in each of our clinics. Therefore, treats and toys are utilized frequently throughout the appointment. If your pet has an allergy or prefers a special toy, feel free to bring your own from home. We do frequently utilize peanut butter; please notify us if there is a peanut allergy with you or a household member.

In the majority of cases, owners are present for their pet’s rehabilitation sessions. However, most dogs are better able to focus and “perform” much better when their owners are not in the room or building. Clients are welcome to step out during the therapy sessions; we assure you, your pet is in great hands. Should you have questions about this, please see a member of the rehabilitation staff.

We offer a variety of treatment modalities, including massage, soft tissue work, therapeutic exercise, underwater treadmill, Class IV laser, acupuncture, ultrasound, and more. All therapies recommended for the initial treatment are included in your initial appointment fee. During your appointment, your rehabilitation practitioner will discuss her recommendations and work with you to develop a customized plan for your pet’s care, including therapies, frequency of appointments, in-clinic vs. at-home care, etc.

Discharge instructions will be provided for your pet for at-home therapy and recommendations. After your appointment, your primary care veterinarian will receive a copy of your medical record for their files.