[WATCH] An Enduring Bond: Echo's Story

When you rescue a dog, you're promising to love and care for them - no matter what. But what about when the "what" is extensive surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation?
When humans get the chance to repay pet's unconditional love, what do they do?

"An Enduring Bond: Echo's Story" is a testament to the special friendship that exists between pets and their humans, and to doing whatever it takes to protect that bond in the face of a scary diagnosis.

Matt and Cindy were shocked when their playful puppy Echo was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and needed to have invasive surgery just before her first birthday. Unsure of what to expect, they embarked on a two-and-a-half-year journey that included left and right total hip replacement surgery and knee surgery at VSC Vienna with Dr. Anke Langenbach and a comprehensive rehabilitation program after each procedure with the team at VSCR Vienna. They were at Echo's side every step of the way, adjusting their daily and family life to accomodate her needs and providing all of the necessary cheerleading to get her back on her feet--er, paws.

In February of this year, Matt and Cindy sat down with us to talk about their experience, and Echo was on hand to show off just how fabulous life can be without chronic pain and mobility issues.

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Video by Hannele Lahti | A Dog Photographer.