Rehab Basics with VSCR's Ashleigh Fairfield

We had a great time talking about rehab basics with the team at Caring Hands Animal Hospital Centreville last week. VSCR's Ashleigh Fairfield demonstrated passive range of motion (PROM) and other therapeutic approaches during her Lunch and Learn.

Passive Range of Motion:

Benefits: Allows for more organized alignment of scar tissue, prevents joint contracture and soft tissue adaptive shortening, maintains mobility between soft tissue layers, reduces pain, enhances blood and lymphatic flow, improves synovial fluid production and diffusion, slows muscle atrophy

Edema Massage
Benefits: Promotes relaxation, reduces swelling, aids drainage by moving toxins towards the lymph nodes, and improves comfort

Benefits: Vasoconstriction. Reduces swelling, reduces pain, reduces enzyme mediated tissue damage, decreases blood flow.

To request a Lunch and Learn for your practice, email Marketing Manager Lia Dangelico.