Good-bye to Dr. Sutherland, Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Chou!

It's summer time, which means one thing for us at Veterinary Surgical Centers... saying good-bye to our interns.

On June 26th, VSC/ VSCR had our annual company wide summer party where we said good-bye to Dr. Mindy Wolfe and Dr. Lucy Chou, who both completed their year-long internship at Veterinary Surgical Centers. Dr. Mindy Wolfe will be leaving to go through another internship in Annapolis, MD, while Dr. Lucy Chou moves back to her home state of New York to do an internship with Blue Pearl.

But this year, we're especially sad because we're saying good-bye to one of our very own surgeons... Dr. Brian Sutherland! Dr. Sutherland has happily accepted a placement into the veterinary cardiac surgery fellowship at Colorado State University to learn open heart surgery, which is a HUGE honor and distinction! Congratulations, Dr. Sutherland!!

We had a great time at Lakehouse Bungalow in Sterling, VA where we ate tons of great food and enjoyed drinks, while spending quality time together with all of our staff and recognizing these three doctors for their hard work and achievements at VSC.

Thank you for everything and BEST OF LUCK in your future endeavors!