Recognizing Excellence: VSC/VSCR Service Awards

At our Fall All Hands Meeting on September 22, 2016, VSC Owner & Chief of Surgery Dr. Anke Langenbach presented VSC/VSCR Service Awards to a special group of staff members who achieved significant service milestones in 2016.

5+ Years of Service:
Aliza Forman, IT Director, 5 Years
Andy Crusta, VSCR Vienna Assistant, 5 Years
Nicole Lancaster, LVT, Inventory Manager, 6 Years
Christy Loveless, Medical Records Coordinator, 6 Years

7+ Years of Service:
Dr. Julia Hawthorne, VSC Vienna Surgeon, 7 Years
Ashleigh Fairfield, LVT, CCRP, VSCR Practitioner, 8 Years
Stewart Smith, VSC Leesburg Team Lead, 9 Years
Dr. Jim Taylor, VSC Leesburg Surgeon, 9 Years

10+ Years of Service:
Steve Roellke, VSC Leesburg Instrument Tech, 10 Years
Anne Coppage, LVT, VSC Vienna Anesthesia Tech, 10 Years
Diane Durham, VSC Leesburg Client Service Representative, 11 Years

Thank you to these wonderful individuals for their many contributions to VSC/VSCR in years past - we know our future is bright because of staff members like each of you!