From treating common neurological disorders, such as Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), Epilepsy, and more, our board-certified veterinary neurologist/ neurosurgeon and staff will develop a tailored treatment plan to ensure the best path to wellness and improved quality of life for your pet.

At Veterinary Surgical Centers – Neurology, we specialize in comprehensive diagnosis and effective treatment of disorders of the brain, spinal cord, muscles, and nerves. When you come in for your appointment, our neurologist will provide a detailed neurological exam to determine if, and what part of your pet’s nervous system is affected.

Following the exam, the neurologist will discuss possible causes for your pet’s issues and provide further comprehensive testing including diagnostic imaging and state-of-the-art MRI imaging to determine the next steps in your pet’s care.

Board Certified Veterinary Neurologist/ Neurosurgeon

Dr. Michael Knoeckel

A board-certified veterinary neurologist has graduated from veterinary school with a doctorate in veterinary medicine (DVM) and advanced further into their education to complete additional specialized training in the field of veterinary neurology. This training, in the form of a residency, exposes the veterinarian to a variety of neurological diseases affecting a wide variety of animals, followed by an extensive examination process.

Meet Dr. Michael Knoeckel, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)

Common Neurologic Conditions

Neurological conditions in pets commonly treated by our veterinary neurologist include:

  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
  • Vestibular Disease
  • Brain and spinal tumors
  • Epilepsy (including refractory cases)
  • Inflammatory Brain Disease
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Stroke and fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE)
  • Chronic pain

Neurosurgical Procedures

  • Hemilaminectomy and ventral slot decompression for IVDD
  • Craniotomy (brain surgery) for brain tumors
  • Spinal tumor removal or biopsy
  • Lumbosacral dorsal laminectomy
  • Nerve and muscle biopsy
  • Spinal tap

Client Feedback:


“The staff and Dr. Knoeckel have been amazing! They have an incredibly calming effect on the serious situation of something going on with my dog’s spine, which is so scary. Thank you!”
- Barbara B.

“The staff are very friendly and professional. I brought my dog here for high level care and Dr. Knoeckel, the neurologist, took the time to talk to me about what was wrong with her and recommendations for next steps to address the problem. I appreciate how caring, compassionate, and up front everyone was. Everyone was professional, caring, up front, understanding, and made sure all my questions were answered.”
- Tameka R.

"Great experience with staff and Dr. Knoeckel. The professionalism and kindness of both are much appreciated. I would highly recommend them. From my first interaction to my most recent, they have been consistently top notch!"
- Scott G.

Our Neurology office is current open Tuesday-Friday every week, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.

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